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Non invasive product conduction

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Non invasive product conductor

• Non-invasive electromagnetic field conductor.
• Adjustable field depth of action.
• Product selection interface with customizable.

Combined 3-in-1: radiofrequency, electroporation and soft laser

• 3 in 1 system that covers a broad spectrum of treatment areas.
• Absorbed power detection system with temperature estimation on the tissue.
• Kit of 6 discs plus a tip for face/body treatment.
• 2 soft laser and electroporation handpieces for face/body treatments.

808nm Laser

• Two versions: 600w and 1200w.
• Up to 12 pulses per second.
• Refrigeration module with active cooling (only 1200w).
• Matrix LED source.

Professional electro-simulator

• Stimulates up to 24 muscles simultaneously.
• Sinusoidal pulse waveform for a more comfortable treatment.
• Hypothermic transducers to be used in addition to electrosimulation to increase its effectiveness.

Combined acoustic wave
and soft laser

• Three cushioned heads for working at different tissue depths.
• Adjustable beat frequency and intensity.
• Easy-to-replace spring cartridges.

8-Sector pressotherapy

• Lateral leg-storage belts.
• 8 individually adjustable solenoid valves: one for each sector.
• 12 preset programmes.

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